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Red Ginseng Drink (Hongsam B)

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[Dajung Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Red Ginseng Drink (Hongsam B)

Natural liquid mixed with red ginseng extract, deer antlers, pear juice and act. Unlike other red ginseng products, natural pear extract is used instead of water to enhance the taste and function of natural pear. It is a patented product


  1. Use of 100% 6 year-old Korean red ginseng
  2. Health functional food product, which is good for restoration of vigor, strengthen immunity and help to blood circulation via restraint to coherence of blood platelet.
  3. Manufactured in the clean and sanitized facility, with the certification of GMP by K-FDA, and ISO and HACCP by Tuv InterCert.


  • 20ml/Vialx5, x10, x20, 30ml/Bottlex12bottles, 750ml/bottlex1, x2
  • Or customized packing unit(as OEM)
  • Health Food and/or Drink